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XJ Cherokee

Jeep XJ Cherokee Parts & Accessories

The XJ Jeep Cherokee came out in 1984 and since then the off-road SUV market has never been the same. This was the first unibody Jeep produced, which was the body and frame being one unit. This created a very compact platform. With it’s 101” wheelbase off-road enthusiasts soon found it a very formidable offroad vehicle. It’s unibody construction did have some downsides but it’s main benefits were it’s low center of gravity. The front coil spring and rear leaf spring design was the perfect combination for extreme offroading because the front suspension allowed it to articulate through rough terrain while the rear leaf springs provided a very stable and predictable suspension feel. The longer 101” wheelbase allowed close to bone stock XJ Cherokees to outperform many heavily modified Jeep Wranglers because the longer wheelbase allowed it to climb better, and with it’s rear leaf springs allowed it to be more stable and predictable without any wheel hop which is very prone to lifted Wranglers with coil springs and sharp control arm angles. To this day the XJ Jeep Cherokee has a very dedicated and enthusiastic following. The aftermarket parts available for the XJ Cherokee are more plentiful than any of the Jeep SUV’s to date. Our obsession with XJ Cherokees is where Crawltech got it’s start back in 1999, and since then we have continued to expand our selection of XJ Cherokee parts and accessories. We carry a complete line of body parts, suspension systems, lift kits, engine performance parts, interior accessories, skid plates, roof racks, bumpers and more. We are your one stop source for Jeep XJ Cherokee parts and accessories carrying the best brands in the industry such as Rubicon Express, Tomken, Rusty’s Offroad, ARB, JCR Off-Road, Warn and more. We carry parts for all year XJ’s including 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1999, 2000, and 2001 Cherokees.