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UTV Parts

2018 Side by Side Accessories Shopping Guide

With the Polaris RZR UTV having been out since 2007, and there now being several models in the RZR lineup such as the 800, 570, 900 and now the new RZR 1000 XP, there are now numerous aftermarket parts available. With the many choices out there it can be hard choosing the right parts for your Polaris RZR.

What to watch out for when buying Aftermarket UTV Parts

The main thing to watch out for when shopping for aftermarket Side by Side accessories is noting where the product is made. There is an influx in cheaply made China and other foreign made products flooding the market. While it’s true a poorly made product can also be made in the US as anywhere else – there is usually a big difference in quality. Not only that, with so many US based UTV aftarmarket parts manufacturers out there – why not spend your dollars at home and support American workers?

Here is a prime example. Rigid Industries is a US manufacturer that makes some of the world’s best LED light bars. They are truly an industry pioneer in the LED lighting segment, and have revolutionized the off-road light market. Nowadays, there are numerous China knock off products. There are LED light bars that are visibly identical to Rigid Industries lights available for literally 1/3 of the cost. These cheaply made China knock offs have seemingly become popular for their price point – but we ask the question at what cost?

We hear the excuses every day – people justifying where “their hard earned dollars” are spent. Those with the higher price usually have the toughest sales pitch to reach these customers. There are a lot of consumers that buy their Polaris RZR accessories based mainly on whoever has the lowest price.  This results in many after purchase regrets. Once the product is installed and used many purchasers realize the product did not meet their expectations in quality, fit, finish, and function.

How Can you Tell which aftermarket Side by Side Parts are Best?

With the cost of aftermarket accessories for the Polaris RZR – on top of the price of the vehicle alone – it literally pays to be a wise consumer. Rather than literally waste thousands of dollars on RZR products that did not meet your expectations it is best to do a little homework before choosing your RZR aftermarket part.

One of the best ways to do some research before choosing a Side by Side aftermarket part is to get 1st hand customer reviews. One of the best sources for first hand knowledge of aftermarket SXS parts is online forums. The largest online tech forum for the Polaris RZR is rzrforums.net With a simple keyword search of the forum you can often find direct info on the exact UTV products you are interested in. First hand user experience is one of the best ways to base your purchasing decision on.

And not to beat a dead horse, but you should look at where the product is made. There are several cheaply made foreign products that are disguised as USA manufactured products. Take note of things like “Assembled In the US” That can simply mean that is where it was thrown in a box after it was shipped in from China.

While it’s true that there are poorly made US made products out there as well – this is usually not the case. With the UTV aftermarket being a somewhat niche market – and in this day of age in technology and social media – a poorly made product gets rooted out quickly. The market tends to take care of itself with weeding out the companies that don’t meet the customers standards of both product quality and customer service after the sale.

Where Should You Purchase Your UTV Accessories?

This is another crucial aspect to shopping for RZR accessories. One quick search on Google and you end up with literally thousands of website options. Several companies all carrying the same products, all listed on their ecommerce websites all advertising the absolute best prices with free shipping! So how can you go wrong? Just pick a site that has everything you are looking to purchase that also has the best prices and you are good to go right? Wrong.. what happens when you are into 3 weeks after your purchase and you still do not have all of the products you ordered? What about if you have trouble during the RZR part installation and you aren’t able to get any tech help from the company you purchased the part from? What happens when the part is defective or not as described and you are not able to get a hold of the company to work out a return?

My first tip on deciding on where you should purchase your aftarmarket RZR parts is to Go To The Source. First off, if you are looking for a specific part you can the majority of the time order it directly from the manufacturer. While not in all cases, this is usually best as you are not going through a middle man that may or may not have it on the shelves themselves, and will just be drop shipping from the manufacturer. By ordering direct from the products manufacturer you may be cutting out an extra 2 business days that would be necessary for the online retailer processing your order – billing, creating purchase order to send to manufacturer – then the time frame the manufacturer took to process the order from the drop shipper to then actually shipping the product.

By saying Go To The Source I’m not limiting it to just buying your products manufacturer direct – I also recommend shopping with the retailers that do a good job of keeping inventory on the shelf – in their own warehouse – and who ship in a timely fashion and have good customer service after the sale. There are several UTV aftermarket parts distributors that have stood the test of time in this industry based on 3 main qualities – product in stock, fast shipping, and customer service after the sale. By going to source – we say shop with the distributors who are actually brick and mortar – not some guy in his underwear running an online drop ship business out of his bedroom.

How can you tell a legit business from a bedroom drop shipper? For starters check if their website’s contact page lists a physical mailing address and not just a PO box. Secondly if they list an address do a Google search to see if it is an actual store front or someones home. That’s not to say all home based UTV parts distribution business are bad and you shouldn’t deal with them – unless their product offerings are very narrow you can bet they are drop shipping 99% of the products they sell. Another aspect to a lot of these home based UTV parts distribution businesses is they are a persons side job. While they work their main day job they are not available to offer good customer support. By this markets very nature of being a hobby based market, it tends to create a situation where a lot of consumers think they can support their hobby with their hobby.. They’ll throw up a website, set up a few dealer accounts, drum up some sales by posting on a forum and they are well on their way to making a few extra bucks to purchase more RZR accessories the wife doesn’t have to know about.