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YJ Wrangler

YJ Wrangler Parts & Accessories

We stock a complete line of Jeep YJ Wrangler parts and accessories from the best brands in the industry. We have a complete selection of YJ Wrangler lift kits, body parts, skid plates, bumpers, engine performance parts, interior accessories and more.

Over the years the YJ Wrangler has become a solid choice for a build platform for custom rock crawlers. They can be bought for less money than the newer coil sprung TJ Wranglers and since they have a fully boxed frame they are a better choice over the previous CJ models. Some Jeepers refer to YJ's as the red headed step child of the Jeep family, mainly because of their square headlights. However the YJ Wranglers have a devout following among Jeep enthusiasts and those that love them - truly love them.

YJ Wranglers leaf spring suspension design can be argued is not as good as the later coil spring Wrangler models, however the design is tried and true and can be built to perform very well. It is also a lot more economical to lift YJ Wranglers vs coil sprung Jeeps. Having fewer suspension components to buy - 4 leaf springs vs. 8 control arms, 2 track bars and 4 coil springs etc. Many YJ Wrangler owners opt for converting to a spring over suspension design. Simply relocating the leaf spring mounts from below the axle to above nets 5.5" of lift. This can also cause axle wrap / wheel hop issues so traction bars are recommended with this setup. In many YJ owners opinion they can be easily built to outperform lifted TJ Wranglers with the factory short arm configuration. A 6" lifted YJ Wrangler can certainly in most all cases out climb a 6" lifted TJ Wrangler with the coil spring short control arm configuration because of wheel hop issues. There are several companies still developing new products for the YJ platform such as Motobilt. They have a full coil spring long arm suspension system, as well as wheel base stretch kits that utilize XJ leaf springs in the rear to obtain a longer wheel base.

At Crawltech we simply love YJ Wranglers, we love modifying them, we even love their uncommon square headlights. The YJ Wrangler will always have a special place in our hearts. We offer one of the most comprehensive inventories of YJ Wrangler parts and accessories around, including both factory replacement and performance aftermarket parts.